Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is intended for physical-chemical treatment of industrial wastewater in meat industry, fish processing, textile industry, leather industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Dissolved air flotation  successfully separates the waste water in three stages:

  1. Treated water
  2. Flotation component-lighter than water
  3. Sludge component heavier then water

Dissolved air flotation stage 1 – Treated water gravity goes to the next stage of treatment (when required)

Dissolved air flotation stage 2 – Flotation  component that consists of dispersed particles and micro-particles of air with treated water drains by using longitudinal scraper to special tank.

Dissolved air flotation stage 3 – Sludge deposited in the lower part of the dissolved air flotation tank and periodically it will be transported  in tank for sludge.

Tehnika plast manufacture dissolved air flotation units capacity 5-40 m³/h

Material: Stainless Steel (AiSi 304)

In front of dissolved air flotation as an integral part of the solution is a pipe flocculator.

The dissolved air flotation  is equipped with necessary measuring and regulatory circuits with additional control electrical box